Everex 2400 Baud External Modem – Choose One (Serial)


Everex 24E+ or MD2400


Marketed toward any computer with an RS-232C serial port, the Evercom 24E is a 2400 baud external modem. 24E+ includes MNP (Microcom Networking Protocol) Class 5, 4, 3, and 2.

What’s included are the Evercom 24E+ Modem and the User’s Manual. I do not have a power supply/adapter for this modem so am unable to power on. The modem is showing discoloration.

Just in is an Everex EMAC-MD2400 modem (not pictured). It looks identical to the 24E+ pictured, but has no discoloration. No power supply either. Unable to power on.

Both are Sold-As-Is.
Select 1) 24E+ or 2) MD2400 below.