Apple ~ Global Village Teleport External Modem (Serial)


Made for Apple ~ Bronze, Gold, Platinum, 33.6 and 56K!


External Global Village TelePort Modems made for Apple. Choices include the following, all are Fax Modems:

  • TelePort Bronze for Macintosh Performa Model A861 ~ 2400 bps
  • TelePort Gold II Fax/Modem Model PL510 ~ 14,400 bps
  • TelePort Platinum Fax/Modem Model A812 ~ 28,800 bps
  • TelePort 33.6 Fax Modem Model A812 ~ 33,600 bps
  • Teleport 56 Fax/Modem Model A824 ~ 56K bps

The Bronze Modem was packaged with select Performa models, and receives power from the ADB (keyboard) port. Cable is split with one end going to the modem port, and the other to the keyboard port. The keyboard plug is a pass-through meaning that the keyboard cable plugs into this connector. All other models require an external power supply/adapter. Limited supply on these adapters, so modems are available with or without external power supply. Coloring may vary from nice to medium discoloration

Please note that I am unable to test modems beyond power up as I do not have telephone service capable of dial-up. Sold-as-is and priced accordingly.

All may be used with any Mac, Plus to Beige G3, with a round, 8-pin modem port. Also can be used with the Apple IIGS.

What few manuals I have are here. The latest software from Global Village can be found here along with firmware updates. Contact me if you need GlobalFax versions 2.5.5 or 2.6.7 or GlobalFax OCR 1.0.