Welcome to Apple Rescue Of Denver

We work hard to keep your current or older Apple computer running smoothly. If you are still running OS 8.6 on your Performa or OS 10.15 on your iMac, we would be glad to help!

We offer a number of products and services to the Apple computer community – new and old. Apple and Mac Repair.

Services include:

Mac Repair

Memory, batteries and hard drive/ssd upgrades

Troubleshooting and Consulting, Tutoring, Setup, hardware and software installation

Floppy disk and file conversion

Products include:

Legacy computers, parts and accessories for:
Apple II family and Apple III
Macintosh 128k through PowerPC

We also have these computers and parts available:
iMacs, PowerBooks, iBooks and G3, G4, G5, MacBooks, Intel Macs, and IOS devices.

Apple Rescue of Denver specializes in rescuing and finding new homes for the wonderful Apple II and Macintosh computers. There are complete systems available along with hard to find parts, peripherals, software and manuals to help keep these amazing computers working.

Recycling that old friend