Supra Express 336e External Fax Modem (Serial)


33.6 Macintosh Faxmodem


Supra Express 33.6e Fax Modem. Made for the Macintosh and offers 33,600 bps Data and 14,400 bps Fax. Modem eliminates the need for an external power supply with an integrated ADB connector on the modem cable to receive power. The ADB passthrough means that you can still plug in your keyboard and mouse. This works similarly to the small USB hard drives that have a USB Y cable – One end plugs into the device, one end receives power from the computer port and one end transmits data to an from the computer.

Package includes box, modem with double duty cable and advertisements of the day. If I come across the manual or software, they will be added and page updated. Modem has been tested to power on, but I do not have telephone service capable of dial-up. The modem (serial) cable (8 pin mini-din) connects to the round modem port on your Mac (Plus through Beige G3) or IIGS and the power end requires an ADB port, used for external keyboards, mice and trackballs. Fortunately all of those computers have that too. Tested to power on only as I don’t have a telephone service capable of dial-up.