USRobotics Sportster Fax Modem (Serial)


Get online from 14,400 to 56K


USRobotics Sportster Fax Modem (US Robotics).

Models available include:

  • Mac & Fax Sportster, 14,400 V.42 bis Fax Modem, FCC ID CJE-0265
  • Sportster 28,800 Fax Modem with v.34 and V.32 bis, FCC ID CJE-0268
  • Sportster Faxmodem with X2, 56K. Model number on case 1.021.018-C, on label Sportster 00178900, Model 0459
  • 56K, Faxmodem, V.90 56K Standard and X2 technology compatible. On label Sportster 00568900, Model 0459
  • Sportster Voice, 28.8 V.34 and 33.6 Fax Modem with Speakerphone and Personal Voice Mail. (Gray)

Available as modem only, or packaged with a power supply (PS) and serial cable. The serial cable (8 pin mini-din) connects to the round modem port on your Mac (Plus through Beige G3) or Apple IIc Plus or IIGS. Tested to power on only as I don’t have a telephone service capable of dial-up.

I just found one Installation Guide. It refers to 56K and V.90, so will be included with the first 56K V.90 sold.