Recycle that Apple or Mac computer to a new home!

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My Mission:
Rescuing the lost treasures, finding new homes for them and teaching people how to use them.

I rescue vintage, unwanted and broken Apple and Macintosh Computers. My goal is to find a new life for all of them because I can’t stand to see our old friends go to the landfill. I refurbish them and recycle them to homes where they are needed or wanted.

All of them means every one – from Apple II’s, early Macintosh, Quadra, Performa, LC, PowerPC’s, G3’s to G5’s and newer Intel Macs – and the items that are used with them. iPods, iPhones and iPads have also now found their way into my operation and I am happy to accept those as well. Working Apple monitors, displays and printers are also accepted free of charge.

Please note that this is a Rescue Operation. I do not buy or trade computer equipment. Free pickup is available in the Denver Metro area, possibly beyond. In certain circumstances, I will pay for shipping rescued items to me. This website was developed primarily as an outlet for finding new homes for these wonderful machines.

*Your privacy is as important to me as mine is. Disks and hard drives are wiped, reformatted and completely written over. In some cases, while trying to preserve some of the applications that may not be available anymore, data (OS and apps) is copied back to them after it is carefully and thoroughly wiped of any personal information.*

Contact me below for details on how to give new life to your old friend.

Please include what computer items you have that need to be rescued and a good time to contact you if leaving a phone number. And please remember to check your spam or junk mail folder.

If you would like to drop off your items, they are accepted Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM at Apple Rescue Of Denver, 6321 Washington St, Unit E., Denver, CO 80216. For weekend drop off, please contact me.