Apple Design Keyboard Parts (Thailand Version B)


M2980 – Made in Thailand


Apple Design Keyboard M2980

Made in Thailand Version (Assembled or Manufactured). For M2980 keyboard identification, click here.

There are two Thailand versions of this keyboard. Both feature long, narrow flip down feet (2). Stamped label on left side. Parts are not interchangeable. More information about the Thailand versions available here.

This Version (B) has 8 case screws with white key posts in a white base. Long, narrow rubber feet (2).

Removing the 8 screws from the bottom case lets you remove the bottom case. The backplate/membrane assembly is screwed to the top case with 5 screws. The metal backplate then comes off along with a membrane layer and dome membrane layer revealing the controller board and cable and underside of the top case. There may or may not be 2 screws on the controller board and 1 screw in the ADB port board. If you have not removed the keycaps, you will see the underside of the top case populated with white plastic plungers. If you have removed the keycaps, then be careful. There is nothing holding the 105 plungers in place and they will fall out when the top cover is turned over.

Parts will be selectable at the bottom of this page if they are available, Key Caps for Thailand Version B are found here (Light) or (Severe).

Thailand Version B Parts – All parts are individually priced – 1 screw, 1 plunger, 1 foot, etc.: (See below for specific case condition)

  • Bottom Case – bare with no flip or rubber feet
  • Case Screws (8)
  • Flip down feet (2)
  • Rubber feet (2)
  • Controller board with cable
  • Controller board and ADB board screws (1-3) The ADB port is screwed down, but the controller board does not have separate screws in every keyboard
  • Backplate screws (5)
  • Backplate
  • Membrane (vertical lines between keys)
  • Membrane with domes (horizontal lines between keys)
  • Top Case
  • Key caps found here (Light) or (Severe)
  • Key switch plungers

Photos above are for illustration only. There are 2 keyboards of this version available for parts. One is severely discolored on the majority of the top case, with just a small portion on the right side of the bottom case. The other keyboard case has severe discoloration on the lower left corner and edge of the top and corresponding right edge on the case bottom. Flip feet are Nice.