Apple Design Keyboard Parts (Mexico or USA)


M2980 Assembled in Mexico or USA


Apple Design Keyboard M2980

Made in Mexico or USA Version (Assembled or Manufactured). For M2980 keyboard identification, click here.

The bottom of this version features short, wide flip down feet (2). Square rubber feet (2). Stamped label on right side. 3 screws on bottom case. Upon removal of bottom case, the backplate/membrane assembly is secured to the top case by plastic rivets. The controller board sits on plastic posts which you squeeze together to remove. The cable may or may not be secured with a bracket and screw. This bracket is used if your ground wire is bare – see photos. What’s left is the backplate/membrane assembly is fastened together to the top cover with plastic rivets. To replace any parts in here, the rivets would need to be broken off and it would have to be screwed back together.

Parts will be selectable below if they are available, key caps are found here (Nice) or here (Light).

Parts – all sold individually (1 screw or 1 foot): (See specific case condition below.)

  • Keycaps (found here (Nice) or here (Light))
  • Bottom Case – bare no flip or rubber feet
  • Case Screws (3)
  • Flip down feet (2)
  • Rubber feet (2)
  • Controller board with cable
  • *Cable clip and screw – not needed unless you have a bare wire
  • Top case/backplate/membrane assembly
  • Backplate
  • Dual membrane
  • Dome layer
  • Key switch plungers
  • Top case

Photos above are for illustration only. The cases available are in POOR condition. The parts keyboards of this version have had the cables “melted” into the top and bottom case where it was wrapped around and around and stored in a very warm place (prior to coming to me). Keyboards work 100%, and the cables are fine. The cases have numerous ridges and are not visually pleasing even if they show little to no discoloration (if you look closely at last photo, you’ll see a small sampling of the ridges). So, parts…