Apple Design Keyboard Parts (Thailand Version A)


M2980 – Made in Thailand


Apple Design Keyboard M2980

Made in Thailand Version (Assembled or Manufactured). For M2980 keyboard identification, click here.

There are two Thailand versions of this keyboard. Both feature long, narrow flip down feet (2). Stamped label on left side. Parts are not interchangeable. More information on the Thailand versions available here.

This Thailand Version (A) has 4 case screws and gray or white key posts in a black base. Long, wide rubber feet (3).

Remove case screws from bottom. Turn over and remove top case. There is 1 screw holding the backplate/membrane assembly to bottom case. Controller board is fastened with 2 screws. There are only 21 screws holding the backplate assembly together. It separates into the metal plate, a felt layer, a dual membrane layer revealing 105 domes. Under each dome is a hard plastic plunger that the keycap fastens on to the other side.

Parts below will be selectable at the top of this page if they are available, key caps for Thailand Version A are found here.

Thailand Version A Parts – parts are individually priced 1 screw, 1 foot, 1 dome or plunger, etc.:

  • Keycaps (Found here)
  • Bottom Case – Bare – no flip or rubber feet
  • Top Case
  • Case Screws (4)
  • Flip down feet (2)
  • Rubber feet (3)
  • Controller board with cable
  • Controller board screws (2)
  • Backplate to case screw (1)
  • Backplate assembly screws (21)
  • Backplate base (metal)
  • Felt layer
  • Dual membrane (fastened together)
  • Domes (105)
  • Key switch plunger (105)
  • Key Bed – black plastic bed that holds all the key caps and plungers together
  • Lights (3) – green – light up “num lock”, “caps lock”, “scroll lock” at top right

Photos above are for illustration purposes only and not the case parts you will receive. The only parts keyboard available for this version has Nice coloring on the plastic. Nice Top Case (there is 1 scratch towards the top). Nice bottom case. Nice flip feet. Was in 100% working condition, but the end of the cable is deformed.