Apple Rescue of Denver offers personal Mac consulting service, and has been working on Apple computers since the late 80’s.

Services performed at my shop are based on $75.00 per hour plus parts, but are generally priced by the job:
    •    Troubleshooting and Repair
    •    Computer Setup
    •    Software Installation and Updates
    •    Training and Tutoring
    •    Internet and Networking
    •    Printer and Scanner installation and setup
    •    Backup consultation, setup, and implementation
    •    Memory Upgrades
    •    Malware Cleanout
    •    eBay and Craigslist setup and tutoring
    •    Hardware procurement – Shop with you or for you
    •    Hardware Installation
    •    Hard drive replacement
    •    Logic Board replacement
    •    Display or screen replacement
    •    Power supply replacement
    •    Diagnostics
    •    Battery replacement

Software transfer:
    •    Floppy disks – 5 1/4″ & 3 1/2″, Zip Disks and Hard Drives to CD’s, Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives, etc.
    •    File Conversion – All Appleworks, MacWrite and others, to a format your current computer can read.

Data Recovery:
    •    Mac formatted hard drives

Operating Systems covered:
    •    Mac OS X to OS 12 Monterey and beyond
    •    Mac OS 1 to 9.2
    •    DOS 3.3, ProDOS, GS/OS

Computers covered:
    •    G3, G4, G5, Intel, iMac, Power Mac, iBook, PowerBook, MacBook
    •    128k, Macintosh II, Performa, Quadra, LC, Power PC
    •    Apple ][, //e, IIc, ///, IIGS

Please contact me for a no obligation quote on the services offered.

Thank you and Happy Computing,
Apple Rescue Of Denver