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Apple Design Keyboard M2980

Made in Thailand Version (Assembled or Manufactured). For M2980 keyboard identification, click here

There are two Thailand versions of this keyboard. Both feature long, narrow flip down feet (2). Stamped label on left side.

Thailand version A has 4 case screws and gray or white key posts in a black base. Long, wide rubber feet (3)
Thailand version B has 8 case screws with white key posts in a white base. Long, narrow rubber feet (2)

As you can see from the photos, the caps appear to have the same type of post clip on the bottom. But the posts on the bottom of the caps are different lengths, the key caps themselves are different heights, version B has another post sticking down at the top of each key, the caps lock and option keys are different sizes, and the orientation of some of the switches is different. Like the China, Mexico, and USA versions of this keyboard, none of the parts are interchangeable between the versions.

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