Apple Drive Parts 5.25 & Unidisk


A9M0104 and A9M0107


Apple 5.25 Drive & Unidisk parts. Most all drive parts are interchangeable, cases are different colors.

Unidisk is a single 5.25 drive inside a beige case.

Apple 5.25 Drive is the same 5.25 drive mounted inside a platinum case.

Everything is sold individually, 1 foot or 1 screw, for example. Doors may or may not still have the “Push down to close” sticker on them.

Parts come from non working drives (usually an alignment issue) and case coloring will vary as far as discoloration goes, please ask for a description or photo of something specific if this is a concern.

Select from the following:

  • Top Case
  • Bottom Case (w/feet & emblem)
  • Case Screws
  • Foot / Feet
  • Apple Emblem
  • LED Cable
  • Sub-bezel
  • Sub-bezel Screws
  • Door
  • Door Spring
  • Cable – external to computer
  • Analog Board (Board for Unidisk is green and has socketed chips)
  • I/O panel (fastens to the back of the analog card)
  • Top Shield
  • Rear Metal Shield Plate (under Analog card)
  • Insulation Paper
  • Bottom Shield
  • Ground Cable
  • *Mechanical Assy for parts. This is a non functional drive – usually because of alignment issues, but includes things such as the head assy, upper & lower stepper motors, belt, motor speed control board, lower clamp/rotational spindle, disk rails, advance spring, disk load clip & torsion spring among others. Contact me if you would like a specific item off of this assembly.
  • * Mechanical Assy for parts (above) mounted in the shields for protection.