Apple Duodisk Parts




Duodisk Parts. This is the case that has two drives mounted side by side.

Everything is sold individually, 1 foot or 1 screw, for example. Doors may or may not still have the “Push down to close” sticker on them.

Everything worked except for a likely alignment issue on drive 1. Analog card has been tested and works properly.

Photo is of the one Duodisk I have for parts, so the case is nice.

Select from the following:

  • Top Case
  • Bottom Case (w/feet & emblem)
  • Case Screws
  • Foot or Feet
  • Apple Emblem
  • LED Cable (Drive 2 is different)
  • Sub-bezel
  • Sub-bezel Screws
  • Door
  • Door Spring
  • Analog Board
  • Analog I/O panel (fastens to the back of the analog card)
  • Top Shield (Drive 2 is different)
  • Rear Metal Shield Plate (under Analog card)
  • Insulation Paper
  • Bottom Shield (Drive 2 is different)
  • Ground Cable
  • *Mechanical Assy for parts. This is a non functional drive – usually because of alignment issues, but includes things such as the head assy, upper & lower stepper motors, belt, motor speed control board, lower clamp/rotational spindle, disk rails, advance spring, disk load clip & torsion spring among others. Contact me if you would like a specific item off of this assembly.
  • *Complete working drive assembly for drive 2 only! Complete inside upper & lower shields, w/sub-bezel and door, plug and play. Drive 2 has no analog board thus has longer wires and different shields than drive 1.