Apple Disk II Drive Mechanical Parts


The inside parts


If you just need one little part off of the mechanical assy to get your disk drive up and running, here they are. These will ship with the appropriate screws.

Case and other parts not listed will be found here.

  • Faceplate w/activity light
  • Door (includes spring and screws)
  • Write Protect Actuator (Shugart and Alps may be different)
  • Write Protect Switch
  • Collet hub (with or without top frame or bracket)
  • Load or Head Button (foam)
  • Head assy (includes rails, screws, button, etc.)
  • Speed turntable with strobe markings – to collet hub receptacle
  • Tachometer Motor w/pulley (to make the disk spin) Copal LC-177
  • Belt
  • Speed Control Circuit Board
  • Positioning disc (white plastic w/groove)
  • Stepper Motor for head positioning – Copal SP-57 (on bottom of drive)
  • Card edge connector – AMP 583717-3 8146 (will be detached from stepper motor)

*The head assy pictured is for the photograph only. This was a completely working drive except the arm was broken off of the head, which made that part a little funky so it became a head button donor. The one you receive will be intact.