Apple IIc Plus



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Apple IIc Plus A2S4500. The last Apple II model and the fastest. Introduced in 1988, this portable computer retained the true plug and play usability of the IIc. The equivalent of five slot cards were built in to the Apple IIc Plus motherboard. An Extended 80 Column Card, two Apple Super Serial Cards, a Mouse Card, and a disk drive controller card. This meant the Apple IIc had 128 KB RAM, 80-column text, and Double-Hi-Resolution graphics built-in and available right out of the box. All you had to do is plug in the printer, mouse or other accessory without worrying about an interface card.

Changes from the IIc include:
4Mhz CPU
Internal 3 1/2” drive
Internal power supply
Platinum in color
Modified keyboard
Mini DIN 8 serial ports

This IIc Plus works great. It does have overall medium discoloration, with it leaning towards severe on the left side. I think it is a little darker than the pictures show. Standard computer power cable is included.