Apple Monitor IIc



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Apple Monitor A2M4090, G090S shown with stand. This 9” monochrome monitor is snow white in color and was made for the IIc.

These are 35 years old, expect minor scuffs and scratches. All are clean and work great. Includes power and monitor cables. Sold with or without stand. Most stands come without feet.

***Photos are for illustration purposes only and NOT what you will receive***

Select from the following below:

A) SN 234915. Light to severe discoloration. Light on right side, severe on left, medium on the front. Lighter area on top where there was a label.

B) SN T0101965. Evenly colored – Medium discoloration.

C) SN 022650. Nice, maybe light discoloration.

D) SN 000355. Nice! Very back panel shows a little discoloration. This one comes in it’s original box and includes the Monitor IIc User’s Manual. This will ship inside another box. (second to last photo)


F) Stand only. Very nice stand with all it’s feet in original box. Unfortunately the box isn’t so pretty. This will ship inside another box. There is a copy of the installation instructions included. (last photo)

G) Stand only, no monitor.