Apple Monitor IIc





Apple Monitor A2M4090, G090S shown with stand. This 9” monochrome monitor is snow white in color and was made for the IIc.

These are 35 years old, expect minor scuffs and scratches. All are clean and work great. Includes power and monitor cables. Sold with or without stand. Most stands come without feet.

Select from the following below:

A) Sold! SN 212120. Medium discoloration overall. Scratches on the back. Small nicks right above the screen on the front. Lighter area on top where there was a label and remnants of marker..

B) Sold! SN 144619. Evenly colored – Medium?. (top left in group photo)

C) Sold! SN 151592. Nice! (bottom right group photo)

D) Sold! SN 259031. Light to Medium discoloration. Crack in housing at bottom right of screen.

E) Sold! SN 115764. Medium to Severe discoloration. Labels removed from front, top, right and left sides. Those areas are lighter. Small nicks in face around screen. Cable clip on back. (bottom left group photo)

F) Sold! SN 188985. Severe discoloration, face is Medium. Top has scratches and scuffs. (top right in group photo)

G) Stand only, no monitor. Back in stock!