Apple IIe Platinum w/Extended Keyboard



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Apple IIe, Model # A2S2128, P/N 825-1351-A.

Introduced in 1987, the Platinum Apple IIe with an extended keyboard was introduced and was the final model of the Apple IIe line. The case color was changed from the traditional beige to Platinum, and the bottom and back panel were gray in color rather than the brown of the standard IIe. They shipped with 64k Ram, 40 column graphics and a 65C02 processor. They were all “enhanced”.

***Photos are for illustration purposes only and NOT what you will receive***

Select below: All are cleaned and tested to work. All //e’s will come with an 80 column/64K memory card (bringing it up to 128K). All have feet. Likely missing any number of slot covers in the back. Also shipping with some System Disks including DOS 3.3, the latest Apple Utilities and ProDOS and a power cable. Pics can be provided on request. These are 30 plus years old, expect minor scratches or scuffs here and there. Anything more major will be noted. Expect at least minor discoloration on everything and it may or may not be noticeable depending on the coloring of your drive and monitor.

All of these //e’s are identical except for the case and keyboard coloring. They will vary from very nice to pretty much severe discoloration. Most stickers, stencils and marker have been removed, but that area is usually whiter underneath. Coloring examples can be found here.

A – SN E7202ZR. 1986 Rev E motherboard. Light discoloration. There are some white (scrapes?) on the right side. But looks good overall.