Apple Disk IIc Drive (external )




Apple Disk IIc drive A2M4050, 825-0821-A

Made exclusively for the Apple IIc. Snow white in color, it matches the IIc case. While it can be used as the last drive on the other computers in the Apple II line, it has no provisions for daisy chaining (the IIc internal drive is drive 1 and this would be drive 2).

Like everything else, the coloring (discoloration) varies, you can read about it here.

Expect minor scratches and scuffs. Also most have an area with minor discoloration from a 30 year old (removed) sticker (right behind the door on the drive in the photo). All I have seen so far have a platinum (gray) door, so I’m not sure if they were available in beige.

A) Nice (pictured)

B) Light discoloration, maybe a little towards medium