ImageWriter II 32K Memory Option


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The ImageWriter II 32K Memory Option. A9B0312. 670-4190-A, CBE61-04502

Designed for the Apple II computers, the Memory Option is an excellent way to expand the printer’s memory and increase your own productivity. With the ImageWriter II 32K Memory Option, you can send a document of up to 32,000 characters (16 to 20 pages) to the printer and continue working at the computer, while the ImageWriter II does the printing.

The ImageWriter II continues to print until it has processed all the characters in the option’s memory. To pause while printing, press the Select button. Press it again to resume printing. If you need to cancel printing, turn off the printer, pause a few seconds, and turn it on again.

If the Memory Option doesn’t seem to work, check DIP Switch SW2-4. It should be in the Closed position.

Only one available and it is complete in it’s box and tested to work.