ImageWriter II Sheet Feeder


A9G0332, A9G0432


Sheet Feeder for the ImageWriter II

A9G0332 – Snow White to match the A9M0310 ImageWriter II printer (not included)

A9G0432 – Platinum to match the A9M0320 or G0010 ImageWriter II printers (not included)

All are clean, have the paper support wires, and come with an Installation Manual (new or used).

The plastic hinges are a molded part of the outfeed housing and are prone to breaking like some of the ones below(hinges are shown in photos – both intact and broken). The good news is that the sheet feeders seem to function like normal once you get the pieces set up on the printer.

I had the best luck with light paper. They will not feed 24lb at all, so you will have to experiment.

Select from the following:

A) SN 203544 – platinum. This is the one pictured – it is intact and works great. Medium to severe discoloration

B) SN 052823 – platinum. This one is intact but struggling with paper feed. Light discoloration.

C) SN 203529 – platinum. This is the two piece (broken) one pictured – it works great. Light to medium discoloration

D) SN 014653 – snow white. This one looks nice and works great. The right side hinge is broken.

E) SN 052837 – platinum. This one is struggling with paper feed. Light(front) to medium discoloration(back). Both hinges are broken, but the steel bar is still attached.