ImageWriter II Main Board


Repair parts for the ImageWriter II


Main Board (Logic Board, Motherboard) for the ImageWriter II printer.

For the ImageWriter II Models A9M0310 and A9M0320: There are at least three main boards I have seen. The differences between these are related to the paper sensors – mechanical or optical and where it plugs in to the main board. It will be easiest to match up with your board so that the paper sensor works. The big thing is which your paper sensor is plugged in to.

A) CBE61-03804 or 03806. Socket located at CN9 is 2 wire (first 2 photos)
B) CBE61-03812. Socket located at CN11 is 3 wire (third photo)
       * a CBE61 (03807) board may also have sockets in both CN9 and CN11 (4th photo) and may be substituted for either option A or B.

Model G0100 is totally different with different connectors (last 2 photos).
C) FBJB0000605. Model G0010 only