Supra Express 56K Modem (Serial)


56K Fax Modem from 1998.

Sold out for now

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Diamond Supra Express 56K Fax Modem, Model 56e #SUP 2730.

Included are the modem with built-in serial cable for Mac, power supply, Getting Started Manual, Installation Guide and CD-ROM. Mac software requirements: Macintosh with a 68030 processor or higher, System 7.1 or greater, 6 MB of free hard drive space and 8 MB of RAM. Unmentioned is the CD drive needed to run the CD-ROM. The serial cable (8 pin mini-din) connects to the round modem port on your Mac (Plus through Beige G3) or Apple IIc Plus or IIGS.

Modem has marks on the edges from (I assume) the cable being wrapped around it in the sun. Tested to power on only as I don’t have a telephone service capable of dial-up.