Apple Extended Keyboard & KeyBoard II Parts


M0115 & M3501


Parts for the Apple Extended and Extended II Keyboards.

Cases are different, Most of the internal parts are the same on both – as long as they have Alps switches. Expect discoloration on the cases (most show signs of the template that went over the posts and F keys), and there may also be assorted scuffs, scratches and former sticker white areas.

-The Extended Keyboard came with either Salmon or Orange Alps switches.

The chips are socketed on the early Extended and soldered on the late Extended and Extended II.

Alps caps lock switches are either dark gray (found on the cream and white keyboards) or cream (found on the orange and salmon keyboards)

-The Extended Keyboard II came with Salmon, Cream or White Alps Switches. ***They also may have white Mitsumi switches. The Mitsumi keyboard has several differences that are NOT interchangeable with the Alps keyboards (white switches with a white base, large keycaps, stabilizer bars, and clips on the underside of the caps. The large keys on this model only will come with both the key cap clips and stabilizer bar as a package). The last photo shows this keyboard. Serial numbers on the Extended Keyboard II start with either A for Alps or M for Mitsumi

The Extended Keyboard uses 4 screws (sold individually) and the Extended Keyboard II uses 1 screw.

-Other than stray stabilizer bar clips, the ones on the underside of the large key caps will be sold with the keycap. These will be either black or brown.

***New difference between Early Extended and late Extended and Extended II. See last photo. The Early space stabilizer bar was above the space and uses brown clips on the underside of the space. Late & Extended II moved the bar below the space, shortened the legs of the bar and has a different shaped black clips.  Leave a note on the checkout page if you need the early one.

Parts that are found elsewhere:

ADB ports

Apple Logo Emblem

Key caps

***The single available top case for M0115 Extended keyboard has the name of a school engraved on the face (upper left). The single available bottom case has the upper lip of the bottom right corner broken off – may or may not be noticeable, but it has all 4 feet.