Apple Extended Keyboard & Keyboard II Key Caps


M0115 & M3501


Keys or keycaps for the Apple Extended & Extended II Keyboards.

Note that the larger keys will come with with the clips on the bottom for the stabilizer bar. The clips may be black or brown. ***The Mitsumi variant only will also include the stablizer bar. The Alps bars are sold separately here.

Expect the spacebar to have some discoloration – usually it ended up looking like the case.

Switches and other keyboard parts and information found here. Note the Mitsumi variations on a few keys. They are not interchangeable.

The power/reset key had the triangle printed on the Extended Keyboard and it is stamped or engraved into the Extended II (pictured).

***New difference between Early Extended and late Extended and Extended II. See last photo. The Early space stabilizer bar was above the space and uses brown clips on the underside of the space. Late & Extended II moved the bar below the space, shortened the legs of the bar and has a different shaped black clips. Leave a note on the checkout page if you need the early one. The space key cap itself is the same, just the clips are different.