Mitek Keyboard Adapter Kit Extended Keyboard to DB/DE 9


M0115 serial keyboard kit


This kit came out of an Apple Extended Keyboard, M0115 that had been converted from ADB ports to DB/DE 9 Serial.

Other than some heavy duty shielding in every nook and cranny, and cutting the keyboard base for the larger ports, the basic guts – switches and pcb remained Apple. The ports and converter board are Mitek.

The 9 pin male Ports are stamped PCA 010164 and PCA 020166. The board is stamped PCA 020220 and contains an Apple Extended Keyboard ROM chip and plugs into that socket.

I have no idea what system this modified keyboard was used on, nor if the parts work – I was unable to test it and a couple switches were broken, so it became parts.

Sold as-is