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1990 Compact Mac

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Apple Macintosh Classic, Model M0420. Features an 8MHz 68000 processor. Base model was available with just a 1.4 MB SuperDrive, but most came with a 40 MB hard drive as well. Connectivity includes one ADB keyboard port, SCSI port, printer port, modem port, headphone port and a floppy disk drive port. This is the last compact Mac to use the Motorola 68000 CPU and the first Mac priced at under $1000.00. Keyboard options at that time were the new Keyboard II or the Extended Keyboard II introduced the same year and were sold separately.

Supported operating systems: System 6.0.7 to System 7.5.5.

Select below. Expect minor scratches and scuffs.

A) SN E1187TTM0435LL/A. 4 MB memory, 40 MB hard drive, programmers switch. Running System 6.0.7 and has some apps. Missing feet. Case is nice overall except for where a few stickers were on the top inside of the handle and back side of the case. Missing the rear housing access door. It boots and runs, has good sound but it’s not super loud. Needs recap. Has been ultrasonic cleaned.

B) SN E116TATM0435LL/A. 4 MB memory, 40 MB hard drive, programmers switch. Running System 6.0.7 and has some apps and games. Case is light overall with medium discoloration on the right side most noticeable because of stickers. See note below, but this Classic is ready for new capacitors. It boots and runs, but has no startup tone (no sound) and the display is a bit wobbly. Both signs of capacitors going.

C) SN E1246AKM0435LL/A. 4 MB memory, 40 MB hard drive, programmers switch. Running System 6.0.7 with At Ease and has some apps. Case is light overall a smidge darker on the front. It boots and runs, but has low sound and ready for a recap. Has been ultrasonic cleaned.

Note that all 68xxx (pre PowerPC) logic boards have been, are, or will be soon experiencing capacitors leaking. Apple Rescue of Denver does not currently offer board level repairs. Exterior cleaning, testing and swapping components, such as floppy drives or hard drives, if needed, is all that is performed prior to being made available. If the case has needed to be opened and the capacitor problem is noticeable at that time, it will be indicated in the description. The computers listed for sale boot and run. Floppy drives have been tested to format, read, write and eject. Unless otherwise indicated, no other repairs have been performed. It is always possible that board levels repairs have been done prior to coming into inventory. WARRANTY on these Macs is limited to working when you have received it only. It may be too late for working so warranty is limited to being as stated. May or may not boot when you receive it.

These can be great DYI projects or there are people that provide recapping service such as Mac Caps.