Macintosh Classic (E0320ET)


A classic Classic!

Sold out for now

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In from the original owner, this Macintosh Classic, Apple Model M0420 is ready to go. Running System 6.0.7 and loaded with apps and games, this Mac features an 8MHz 68000 processor, 40MB hard drive, 2MB ram, and a 1.44MB Superdrive. Comes with the original keyboard, mouse, keyboard cable, power cable and storage / carrying bag by ABCOM.

It looks like there’s some light discoloration on the front, keyboard and mouse. This may have to ship in 2 boxes if I don’t feel that it can be adequately packed into one. The shipping price quoted is for all fitting into one box.

Supported operating systems: System 6.0.7 to System 7.5.5

Note that all 68xxx (pre PowerPC) logic boards have been, are, or will be soon experiencing capacitors leaking. Apple Rescue of Denver does not currently offer board level repairs. Exterior cleaning, testing and swapping components, such as floppy drives or hard drives, if needed , is all that is performed prior to being made available. If the case has needed to be opened and the capacitor problem is noticeable at that time, it will be indicated in the description. The computers listed below for sale boot and run. Unless otherwise indicated, no other repairs have been performed. It is always possible that board levels repairs have been done prior to coming into inventory. WARRANTY on these Macs is limited to working when you have received it only.