Macintosh Plus M0001A


Beige or Platinum

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The Plus was the third model in the Macintosh family and the first to include a SCSI port. Apple Model #M0001A. It sports a 9″ black and white monitor, an 8 MHz 68000 processor, has 1 MB of RAM – expandable to 4, and has an 800k 3.5″ floppy disk drive. Operating Systems supported – 1.1 to 7.5.5. Retail price was $2600 and was sold from 1986 to 1990. The Plus was the last Mac to use a RJ-11 connector for the keyboard cable and a DE-9 pin mouse – both went to ADB in later models.

There are 3 different kinds of Plus in stock. Those with no Macintosh Plus badge on the front (last photo) started life as a 128K or 512K and were factory updated to a Plus by Apple which included a new back housing with the Macintosh Plus 1MB label. The first actual Plus is beige and later came out in Platinum. Both say Macintosh Plus on the front.

There are several available, all may have minor scuffs, scratches, light areas from former stickers, etc. that I didn’t notice. All have been cleaned and initial test results below. Drives format, read, write and eject.

These will ship with System 6.0.8 disks and a power cable.

Choose from the following:

  • A) F445F82M0001
    Beige, NO name on front, Just upgraded to 4MB. Nice looking! Small bit of corrosion on bottom tab in battery compartment
  • B) F4164FTM0001
    Beige, NO name on front, 1MB. Stencil paint & property tag on back, scuffs
  • C) F508XMKM0001W
    Beige, NO name on front, 1MB. Light to Medium discoloration on top and r side, noticeable by former stickers. Floppy drive has been serviced.


  • D) F6283UQM0001A
    Beige, name on front, 1MB. Light discoloration noticeable only by a former label on the front above name
  • E) Sold F702E02M0001A
    Beige, name on front, 4MB. Nice! Scratches on r side, scratch on lower opening of floppy
  • F) F70389TM0001A
    Beige, name on front, 1MB. Nice! Velcro on side. Maccessories Swivel base


  • G) Sold F7080KTM0001A
    Platinum, 4 MB. Nice! Scuffs
  • H) E9432NAM5880
    Platinum, 2.5 MB. Nice! Scrapes on l side
  • I) Sold E9442YXM5880
    Platinum, 4 MB. Nice to light discoloration. Property sticker on back.
  • J) Sold F9046HYM0001A
    Platinum, 4MB. Nice! Minor scuffs, sm nick on top front corner.
  • K) E93430CM5880
    Platinum, 2.5 MB. Nice to light. Programmer’s switch. Floppy drive has been serviced.
  • L) F7329XGM0001A
    Platinum, 1 MB. Light discoloration. Programmer’s switch. Broken battery clip. Floppy drive has been serviced.

Available with or without a matching keyboard, keyboard cable, and mouse. (coloring will be as close as available).

***Original boxes, manuals and software available with a Plus purchase here.