Apple Design Keyboard Parts (China)


M2980 Assembled in China


Apple Design Keyboard M2980

Made in China Version (Assembled or Manufactured). For M2980 keyboard identification, click here.

Looking at the bottom, this version features short, narrow flip down feet (2). Long, wide rubber feet (2). Stamped label on right side. Key caps have a large round post underneath with two plastic legs with hooked ends. There are 6 screws on bottom case. Upon removal of top case, the backplate/membrane assembly is screwed onto the bottom case with 3 screws.

The controller board is screwed (6 screws) on to the backplate/membrane assembly, but also has a wire that runs between the two that is soldered on both ends. The backplate/membrane assembly is screwed together with 39 screws.

The backplate assembly is disassembled from the bottom side – screws are up. First off is a metal plate with the controller board soldered to it by a wire. Then there are two membrane layers. Up first is the membrane where the lines run between the “keys” horizontally. The bottom membrane layer has lines that run vertically between the “keys”. Next are the 105 separate domes or polydomes that sit inside each “key” hole. Last is the black plastic keycap base where the caps snap into it from the other side.

Note that the photo of a single keycap has a small flexible, round shape next to it. With enough use, these keys can end up causing a cookie cutter effect on the domes below the key caps. If pressed hard enough times, the keycap will no longer come back up. While still being secure, it will just rest in the hole and the dome below is now in two pieces. If you remove the key cap, the center of the dome may be stuck in the round hole in the bottom of the cap. The good news is that the domes can be replaced individually, as needed.

Parts will be selectable above if they are available, key caps are found here.

Parts – all sold individually (1 screw or 1 foot): (See below for specific case condition)

  • Keycaps (found here)
  • Top Case
  • Bottom Case – bare case, no flip or rubber feet
  • Case Screws (6)
  • Flip down feet (2)
  • Rubber feet (2)
  • Backplate assembly to case screws (3)

Backplate/membrane/controller board and cable assembly parts include:

  • Controller board screws (6)
  • Backplate assembly screws (39)
  • Backplate metal base and controller board with cable
  • Membrane layer (horizontal)
  • Membrane layer (vertical)
  • Dome or Polydome (105) – one per keycap, sold individually
  • Key Bed – black plastic bed that holds all the key caps

Photos above are for illustration only. The specific keyboard available for parts has some severe discoloration. The top, bottom and flip feet are Severe on the left side of top to almost Light on the right side. The sides are flipped while looking at the bottom of the case with severe discoloration on the right side. *The controller board and both membrane layers are available inexpensively if interested, as there is an issue. The following key presses did not work: F3, 3, equals, e, right bracket, d, c, keypad dot or period. The membranes may simply have to be cleaned, or they may be okay and the controller board is defective.