Apple Pro Speakers


For your G4 Power Mac or iMac



Apple Pro Speakers M6531. Introduced with the Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio), these round, translucent speakers were made by Harman Kardon. They came bundled with the iMac G4, and are also supported by the Quicksilver and Mirrored Drive Door Power Mac G4’s as well. Note that these are the only Macs that can utilize the non standard audio jack on these speakers. Audio and power are supplied through the non standard audio port.

A Griffin iFire adapter is the only thing that would let you use them in the speaker port of any other Mac equipped with a firewire port.

A) for iMac G4 M6531 – approx 26″ on each speaker cable, with a 3″ central cable to the jack

B) for Power Mac G4 (longer cable) – approx 26″ on each speaker cable, with a 60″(5′) central cable to the jack

C) Griffin Technology 6′ APS extension cable for Apple Pro Speakers