SCSI External Hard Drive Enclosure


50 pin SCSI


Add an external SCSI drive to your Mac or Apple II. Various manufacturers, all are approx 10″ x 10″and either 2″ or 3″ high. Internal interface is for a 50 pin SCSI 3.5″ hard drive. External ports are either a pair of Centronics (F) or DB-25 (F). All come with a power cable. Available with or without a standard DB-25 to CN50 SCSI cable for A or a DB-25 to DB-25 SCSI cable for B. SCSI Centronics terminators are found here if needed.

Photos are representative only. You may receive one of the pictured ones or something similar.

A) With Centronics (CN50) ports

B) With 25 pin (DB25) ports

Note: some of the internal cables such as activity light and SCSI ID may not work with your drive as the different drives and different manufacturers varied greatly in their connectors and configurations for the termination and jumpers. These may have to be set manually on the drive. The power and 50 pin SCSI cable are consistent and standard.