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PowerBook SCSI Cables

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This page contains the most common SCSI cables that will plug into the built in 30 pin square port on your PowerBook. This connector was only ever used on PowerBooks starting with the PowerBook 100 and ending with the Lombard G3. The connector for this port is referred to as HDI-30, and the port is female – it needs a cable with pins sticking out (male).

These SCSI cables are used to connect to scanners, external CD Drives and external hard drives – including Zip, Jaz, Orb and others.

HDI-30 – DB25 M/M: Most Scanners and some of the early external hard drive manufacturers such as LaCie used the DB25 pin ports on their devices.

HDI-30 – CN50 M/M: Most external CD Drives and hard drives have the CN50 (Centronics) ports.

HDI-30 to HD50 M/M: Some external drives are SCSI 2 devices and need this connector. (This connector is also referred to as HDB50, MD50, Micro 50, Mini D50)

Select below, all are less than 2′ long. Colors will vary between light gray and dark gray depending on stock. Apple Branded in stock are light gray.

If you are in need of cables with different connectors:

Regular SCSI Cables are found here.

SCSI-2 and SCSI-3 Cables are found here.