AppleColor RGB Monitor – IIGS A2M6014


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The AppleColor RGB Monitor, A2M6014, was made for the Apple IIGS. Featuring High resolution 12″ analog RGB color, this monitor plugs directly into the monitor port of the IIGS. Even though the DB-15 port looks the same as the Macintosh, it has different signals.

***Photos are for illustration only and NOT what you will receive*** None of the current batch below are in the photos.

All work well. All are clean. All may have minor scuffs, scrapes, scratches and areas where stickers or tape were removed. Screens are scratch free unless noted below, but case conditions vary greatly – see the guide about coloring for examples. All include the height adjustment bar at the front. Power cable attached, monitor cable also included.

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A) SN N7161467. Light discoloration overall. Glue area on the top left side. Crack on front top right bezel right above the screen. No feet. Ground prong removed. Small pits in the center of the screen. We did not notice with the initial testing, then it was cleaned – see last two photos.

B) SN U0184279. Medium discoloration, lighter on the left and back. Property sticker residue on right. Marker residue, scratches, scuffs and scrapes especially on the top. No feet.

Please note that it takes several hours to package these for safe shipping all over the world, so there is a small packaging charge added to the base price to help cover this. The actual shipping price will be determined at checkout.

The Owner’s Guide is available here at no additional cost except shipping.