Apple Monitor II


For your Apple II, II Plus or IIe


Apple Monitor II Model A2M2010, P/N 825-0560. 12″ green, monochrome monitor made to match the beige Apple IIe although it can be used with all of the Apple II and III family of computers. Beige in color with a darker gray screen bezel, power button and back. The screen bezel tilts up and down for optimal viewing.

Built in power cable and will ship with a monitor cable. The Monitor II User’s Manual is available separately as they are scarce.

***Photos are representative only and NOT what you will receive***

Select below from the following:

Expect minor scuffs, scrapes and scratches, these are now pushing 40 years old, but are clean, working, and have all their feet. It is hard to imagine that they aren’t at least lightly discolored.

A) SN 0585084. Looks nice. There is a light ding in the lower bezel.

B) SN 0901298. Clearly discolored on the top, probably light overall. Color on the top is a bit mottled and has a lighter area where a sticker was removed.

C) SN 0461932. Light to medium discoloration. Scrapes on the top L edge, washed out logo, and the front housing is cracked above the power button.