Apple Monitor III


For your Apple II or Apple III


Apple Monitor III Model A3M0039. Apple’s first monitor in 1980! A 12″ green, monochrome monitor made for the Apple III. Beige in color with a brown back to match the Apple III. As the last photo shows, I have seen them with 3 colors of front panels; brown (standard), gray (III Plus), and black. They were introduced as anti-glare with a fine mesh over the screen, although that seems to have gone away at some point in their production.

This was the only monitor available from Apple that you could buy for use with the Apple II until the Monitor II was finally introduced in 1983. They made far too many of these, so had excess inventory when the Apple III was discontinued. While this monitor will fit on an Apple II, II Plus and IIe, it is a bit wider than these computers. Apple introduced the Apple II Monitor Stand (not included) to use with this Monitor III so that it looked and fit a bit better on top of the Apple II.

Built in power cable and will ship with a monitor cable. As these are all used and are 40 years old, expect minor scratches, scuffs, marks or scrapes here or there. Anything more major will be noted below.

***Photos are representative only and NOT what you will receive***

Select below from the following: All are clean and working and have all their feet. Expect minor scuffs and scratches on these nearly 40 year old monitors.

A) SN B3B204754 1983. Brown front panel. Mesh on screen. Work well and looks Nice. The brown bezel at the top of the screen has a small area where the paint is worn off. There is a hole in the back in the Caution label to access an adjustment pot.

B) SN B2I106522 1982. Brown front panel. Mesh on screen. Work well and looks good. Yes it has assorted scuffs, scrapes and marks. There is a little ding in the bezel towards the bottom right of the power switch.