NEC Color Monitor



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NEC Color Monitor, Model JC-1201M(A). One of the early monitors, this is dated 1981. 12″ composite color display, dimensions are approx 15 x 17 x 12 inches. Ports include video and audio in and out.

Please note that I haven’t tested anything beyond the video in port and adjusted all the knobs for contrast, brightness and color.

Two of these available, select below:

A) Sold! SN 1723354. This is the one pictured above. Medium discoloration in areas except around the front. Numerous scuffs and marks. Two color adjustment knobs were added to the back on the upper right and these really helped me get a sharper display than the other monitor.

B) SN 1722820. Case looks Nice. There is some sticker residue and a lighter area there on the top. Color display is fine, but not quite as sharp of text as the other monitor has.

Monitor cable included.