Apple Duodisk Drive


Two Drives in one!

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Apple Duodisk, A9M0108. Introduced in 1984 slightly before the Unidisk, it contains two 5-1/4″ Unidisk drives mounted side by side in a beige enclosure. Designed to sit between the computer and monitor.

The Duodisk drive has a unique, removable cable that runs from the drive to a drive interface card – either the I/O Controller (Duodisk) Card or the 5.25 Drive Controller Card as it was later named.

This drive cannot be daisy chained as the interface card only supports 2 drives.

It can be used on the Apple II, II Plus, IIe or IIGS with a Controller Card. It can be used with the disk port on some IIGS’s, please do your own research.

Several available. They have all been cleaned and tested to format, read and write. Speed checked and adjusted if needed. They all have their feet.

Select from the following:

A) Duodisk in original box (pictured) with cable, Owner’s Manual, Packing List and Drive number labels. Will be shipped inside another box.

B) Duodisk with cable. These look like the one pictured – minus the box, and range slightly in coloring from Nice to Light which isn’t noticeable unless they are stacked together. Last one to go has some noticeable discoloration on the left side and perhaps on the front.

C) Duodisk without cable. Severe discoloration.