Apple Disk II Drive


Apple’s First Disk drive!


Apple Disk II Drive, Model A2M0003. Apple’s first drive, replacing the data cassette was introduced in 1978 and sold for $595. It was replaced by the Unidisk drive. The Disk II Drive requires a Disk II interface card and can be used in the Apple ][, the ][ Plus, //e and IIGS.

I have several of these drives in stock. All have been cleaned, repaired if needed, speed tested and adjusted if needed, tested to format, read and write. They have all their feet.

Most look nice, but still may have a couple of minor scratches on top. I wanted to add a mid grade to these as there are a few that just have 4 or 5 scratches or so, but otherwise look good. They will remain with the nicer looking drives, but be the last ones sold.

Not so nice drives may have stencil paint, engraving, non removable property stickers, marker, missing black tape (underside of vents on the sides), etc. Still fully functional but not as pretty. As these are painted cases to match the Apple II and II Plus, they don’t have the discoloration issues of the later plastic Unidisk and Apple 5.25 Drives.

Available are drives with no label, Drive 1 label and Drive 2 label. Because the users put the labels on, they sometimes ended up in different places (shown is the usual place of top left corner). I have even seen them placed over the Apple logo 🙁 If this is a concern for you, please contact me prior to purchase.

Select from the following:

A) Nice drive, no label

B) Nice drive, Drive 1

C) Nice drive, Drive 2 (will match label placement with Drive 1 if both are purchased)

D) Not so nice looking (may or may not have Drive labels)

*Please carefully connect these to the Disk II Interface card before inserting the card into slot 6. If you mis-align any pins on the connector, you will break the drive analog board and maybe more.