Apple IIGS Complete System (E72838X)



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This Apple IIGS is ready to go. The complete system features 1.25 Megs of RAM and an AE Modem inside a clean Apple IIGS ROM 1. Everything you see is included, monitor, printer, keyboard and mouse! It even comes with the original Manuals, System software and More!

  • Apple IIGS, ROM 1, 1280k (1.25 Meg) Ram (256k built-in and a 1 Meg Memory card)
  • AppleColor RGB Monitor
  • 2 – Apple 3.5″ Drives
  • Apple DeskTop Bus Keyboard
  • Apple ADB Mouse
  • ImageWriter II Printer
  • Monitor Cable
  • Keyboard cable
  • Printer Cable
  • 2 – Power cables
  • ImageWriter II Owner’s Manual
  • A Touch of AppleSoft BASIC
  • Apple IIGS Owner’s Guide
  • Setting Up Your Apple IIGS
  • AppleColor RGB Monitor Owner’s Guide
  • Apple 3.5″ Drive Owner’s Guide
  • AE DataLink 2400 Modem w/manuals & disk
  • Apple IIGS System Disk Version 2.0
  • Your Apple Tour of the Apple IIGS
  • Platinum Paint 2.0 Software & Manual
  • BeagleWrite GS Software & Manual
  • BeagleDraw Software & Manual
  • 3.5″ Floppy disk holder with approximately 20 used disks

Everything appears to be in Excellent condition except some discoloration on the computer side (back) of the keyboard and a torn off corner on the cover of the BeagleWrite GS Manual. There are no original boxes for anything. No coupons or discount codes will apply towards this complete system.

This system will ship in 3 boxes weighing approximately 87 pounds. Estimated shipping charges to the East Coast would be about $108 and to the West Coast, about $75. Because of questions and possible additions, this is not packed up yet. If you are interested, please Contact me for a firm shipping quote (I’ll pack everything up), or simply purchase at checkout and I’ll send you an invoice for the shipping charges when it is packaged and ready to go.