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A2S4000 – A2S4100

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The Apple IIc, Model A2S4000 is the compact Apple II. The only true portable computer in the Apple II Family and the very first portable model from Apple. Introduced in 1984, this computer was not only portable, but aimed at first time users with it’s true plug and play usability. With no user interface slots and the only Apple II with a built in 5 1/4″ disk drive, all it needed was an external power adapter and a monitor to be up and running. The equivalent of five slot cards were built in to the Apple IIc motherboard. An Extended 80 Column Card, two Apple Super Serial Cards, a Mouse Card, and a disk drive controller card. This meant the Apple IIc had 128 KB RAM, 80-column text, and Double-Hi-Resolution graphics built-in and available right out of the box. All you had to do is plug in the printer, mouse or other accessory without worrying about an interface card. Original sold for $1295 in 1984.

The Snow White coloring scheme was only used on this model in addition to the the brand new ImageWriter II and other IIc specific accessories. It came with a beige keyboard, disk drive door and volume control.

In 1986, the Model number changed to A2S4100, with some case modifications. You could continue to get (different) beige color keycaps and door, or the new platinum color like the IIGS was introduced with. The case remained Snow White.

There are a total of 4 different ROMs plus a serial port timing fix.

  • ROM 255 – the original. A serial port timing fix was available for affected machines
  • ROM 0 – added Unidisk 3.5 support among other things and was a ROM chip swap plus a motherboard modification.
  • ROM 3 – added a memory expansion socket and a redesigned motherboard. This came with the new keyboard in 1986.
  • ROM 4 – a ROM update to fix the memory expansion bugs in the ROM 3 motherboard.

Select below. All are clean and tested to work and have all their feet. Expect minor scratches and scuffs, anything major will be noted. Coloring is in comparison to similar computers, monitors and other accessories on hand. There is a coloring guide here.

***The photos are representative only and not what you will receive***

These are available as computer only (no external power adapter), an original power adapter, or a third party power adapter. Also shipping with some System Disks including DOS 3.3, the latest Apple Utilities and ProDOS. 

  • A) A2S4000, SN D4B0C5K. ROM 255. Beige keyboard. Medium to severe discoloration. Severe on left side and back. Medium elsewhere with a lighter strip in the middle top above the keyboard.
  • B) A2S4000, SN D440LAH. ROM 255. Beige keyboard. Medium discoloration overall but lighter towards the back.
  • C) A2S4000, SN D4C0S0H. ROM 0. Beige keyboard. Light at the back, top and side to severe discoloration especially at the very front and front of right side.
  • D) A2S4000, SN D480HND. ROM 3. Beige keyboard. Looks nice, likely light discoloration.