Apple IIe


Apple IIe, Model # A2S2064, P/N 825-0406-A.


The earliest models had painted cases similar to the II Plus with a lid that used something similar to velcro pads to lock it on to the case. The keycaps sported white letters. A Rev B motherboard was introduced that made it capable of double Hi-Res graphics.

Then they came out with a new plastic beige case and design with a lid that just snapped on to the back of the case. The keycaps changed to black letters. Memory chips started becoming soldered on to the motherboard instead of socketed. An enhanced //e was introduced in 1985 which changed 4 chips on the motherboard including the processor (65C02), 2 ROM chips and the character generator. A kit was available to upgrade existing ][e’s. Gradually other chips became soldered on as well. This //e was offered until 1993 alongside the final model, the Platinum IIe with extended keyboard.

There are other differences when shopping for replacement parts as they used up existing parts and had multiple suppliers, but these are the complete computers.

***Photos are for illustration purposes only and NOT what you will receive***

Select below: All are cleaned and tested to work. All //e’s will come with an 80 column/64K memory card (bringing it up to 128K). All have feet. Likely missing any number of slot covers in the back. Also shipping with some System Disks including DOS 3.3, the latest Apple Utilities and ProDOS and a power cable.

These are 30 plus years old, expect minor scratches or scuffs here and there. Anything more major will be noted. Expect at least minor discoloration on everything except maybe the early cases and it may or may not be noticeable depending on the coloring of your drive and monitor. Pics can be provided on request. Coloring examples can be found here.

A – SN 195624. Early case. Unehanced, White letters, 1982 Rev B motherboard, socketed memory. This IIe looks nice. There are some scratches on the bottom and the keycaps are definitely discolored.

B – SN 426946. Unenhanced, Black letters, 1982 Rev B motherboard, socketed memory. Overall medium discoloration with closer to severe across the angled part of the case, and monitor feet marks on top. This one is pictured with the Kensington System Saver IIe.

C – SN D450KKA. Unenhanced, Black letters, 1982 Rev B motherboard, socketed memory. Even coloring except lighter on top, probably close to medium elsewhere.

D – SN E61150F, Enhanced, Black letters, 1984 Rev A motherboard, soldered memory. Even coloring – probably light. Has an AE power supply.

Note: Any reference to Quark here, which was a popular software package, is simply that a few keycaps were replaced to aid in functionality in the program, nothing else. The P key, for example still says P on the top, but has the word “Print” on the front of the cap.