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Apple IIGS, A2S6000

GS – Graphics and Sound! The 16-bit Apple IIGS when introduced was the most advanced personal computer available (in my opinion). While backwards compatible with the Apple II line, it surpassed the Macintosh at the time in many areas. First with the color GUI, first ADB keyboard and mouse, and best known for it’s state of the art sound and music.

The GS has built-in ports for the keyboard, printer, modem, monitor, mono monitor, floppy disk drive, joystick and headphones. Interior slots are used for such things as adding a parallel printer, an internal modem, networking cards, hard drives or SCSI cards, and accelerators. ROM 1 has 256K of memory built in.

This boxed set came in together. All pieces have their feet and look nice. There is light discoloration on the front (computer has a couple lighter areas from stickers) and the keyboard and mouse show a little more. All slot covers are present. All pieces including the boxes and most manuals have personal property stickers. The computer, monitor and drives also have a name written in permanent marker on the bottom. I added the disks. Serial numbers match on all boxes except the 5.25 Drive box (doesn’t have a number).

>IIGS, Rom 1, Woz edition. 1.25 MB Memory.

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard cable
  • Power cable
  • IIGS Owner’s Guide and Getting Started
  • System 6.0.1 disks (6)

>AppleColor RGB Monitor with Owner’s Guide and monitor cable

>3.5 Drive with Owner’s Guide

>5.25 Drive with Owner’s Guide

Shipping Quote will be needed on this as it will ship UPS in at least 3 boxes