Apple Imagewriter Printer A9M0303


The original Imagewriter.


Apple ImageWriter printer, Model A9M0303. This is the popular original ImageWriter (or ImageWriter I) dot matrix printer. More information can be found here.

Complete printers are in great working condition. Coloring on these beige printers varies as with all other cases. Lighting, my eyes and what I have to compare them to are all factors. Expect minor scratches and scuffs as these are now 40 years old and have been used. Shown are a couple of examples. Several are in stock and ready to go. Power cable is included. Tractor feed paper is found here.

A) SN 257548. Coloring is light.

B) SN 709167. This one looks nice – it is the one in the photos. The very front may have light discoloration.

C) SN 667899. Medium discoloration – also shown in the photos. Stickers have been removed from the left side and there is property sticker residue on the back.

D) SN 773024. Light discoloration. Engraving on the back.

Cables that interface Apple and Mac computers to an ImageWriter printer are extremely limited, so are only available with purchase of a printer. The ImageWriter has a 25 pin port (DB25).

What is on the other end of your ImageWriter printer?

Direct connect:

  • Super Serial Card (II, II Plus, IIe, IIGS) (DB-25 to DB-25) (590-0037)
  • IIc (DIN 5 to DB-25) (590-0191)
  • 128K/512K/512Ke (DE-9 to DB-25) (590-0169) (there are also A, B, and C variants with different pin configurations)

Adapters to above cables:

  • IIGS, IIc Plus, Macintosh Plus to beige G3 (mini DIN 8 port to DB-25) (590-0550)
  • Plus and above (mini DIN 8 port to DE-9) (590-0553, 699-0430, 590-0341)
  • III/Lisa/XL (modem Eliminator Cable) (590-0166, 590-0029) (also requires cable 590-0037)