Apple ImageWriter II Printer A9M0320


Plug and Play Apple II and Macintosh!


This is the second model of the ImageWriter II printer, Apple A9M0320 (825-6007-A), and the most commonly found. More information on the ImageWriter II printers can be found here. This is platinum in color, although my white balance is off in the photos.

Owner’s Manual, power cable, and serial printer cable (round mini-Din 8 on both ends) are included. This will cover all Macs from the Plus through the beige G3 as well as the Apple IIGS and IIc Plus.

**Photos are for illustration only and will NOT be the printer that you get**

Expect minor scratches and scuffs as these are now more than 30 years old. Anything more major will be noted below.

Several currently available and all work well. Coloring information is found here. Choose below:

  • A – SN 1958941. RomRev 5. Severe discoloration. Top left front edge has a scrape – noticeable because of the color.
  • B – SN 1458513. RomRev 5. Light overall, maybe medium on the top. Most apparent by a removed sticker on the base of the top.
  • C – SN 0944304. RomRev 4. Looks Nice. The very back right corner has some discoloration.
  • D – SN 1134913. RomRev 5. Light discoloration. The very back has medium on the sides of the paper.
  • E – SN 1011527. RomRev 4. Looks Nice. The left side does have light discoloration and a sticker was removed there.
  • F – SN 1494781. RomRev 5. Light at the front, medium on top and severe at the back.

Stay tuned for more!

If you want some tractor feed paper, that is available here.

What is on the other end of your ImageWriter II printer?

The platinum colored cable here (or generic) will ship with the printer unless you choose something else:

  • IIGS, IIc Plus (mini DIN 8 to mini DIN 8) (590-0552)
  • Plus to beige G3 (mini DIN 8 to mini DIN 8) (590-0552 platinum or 590-0340 beige)

Limited quantities of these cables so they are only available with purchase of a printer:

  • Super Serial Card (II, II Plus, IIe, IIGS) (DB-25 card to mini DIN 8) (590-0555 or 0556 platinum, 590-0331 or 0335 beige)
  • IIc (DIN 5 to mini DIN 8) (590-0554 platinum or 590-0333 beige)
  • 128K/512K/512Ke (DE-9 to mini DIN 8) (590-0551 platinum or 590-0332 beige)
  • III/Lisa/XL (590-0555 or 590-0331)(these numbers are for the earlier cable numbers for Super Serial Card above of which I have none of)