Apple ImageWriter II Printer A9M0310


Plug and Play Apple II and Macintosh!

Sold out for now

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This is the first model of the ImageWriter II, Apple A9M0310 (825-1170-B). Snow white in color to match the Apple //c.

Serial interface ~ miniDIN 8 pin port ~ works on all Apple II’s (requires a Super Serial Card II for the ][, ][ Plus and //e) and Macintosh computers. Serial cable required, but not included as there are several variations depending on which computer will be used. Power cable included.

**Photos are for illustration only and will NOT be the printer that you get**

Two currently available and both work well. Expect minor scratches and scuffs. Anything more will be noted below.

Choose one:

  • A – SN 0131608 – Rom 3. Looks Nice. 2″ long x 1/4″ long engraving on front of top case & on rear power supply housing.
  • B – SN 0512690 – Rom 4. Light discoloration.