LaserWriter 12/640 PS Printer


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Apple LaserWriter 12/640 PS, M4238
Print quality
The printer has a resolution of 600 dots per inch. Its FinePrint feature smooth text, and its PhotoGrade feature (available with additional printer memory) improves graphic images.
The printer prints up to 12 pages per minute.
Multiplatform support
You can connect the printer to Mac OS-based computers, Windows-based computers, and UNIX-based computers.
The printer offers AppleTalk, Ethernet, and parallel connections.
Automatic traffic control
The printer can be connected to many computers and networks using the printer’s LocalTalk, Ethernet, and parallel ports.
The printer prints only one user’s job at a time, but it manages incoming print jobs from all ports so that no printing conflicts or problems occur. The printer also automatically senses which printer language—PostScript or PCL5—the job requires.
The printer supports both TrueType and PostScript fonts. The printer has 35 built-in PostScript fonts.
Energy savings
The printer can automatically lower its power consumption when it’s not being used.
Flexible paper handling
In the standard configuration, you can print up to 330 sheets (250 in the standard paper cassette plus 80 in the multipurpose tray) without changing paper.

This network printer has 4 MB RAM and has printed 17,135 pages. No cables included as there are several ways to connect, but all are available on this site. Power cable free upon request. No idea how much toner is left. There is a little discoloration on the right side as shown in the photos.