Apple LaserWriter II Controller Board IINT IINTX IIF IIG


Called many names: I/O board, Main board, Logic board, or Motherboard

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LaserWriter II controller boards for the IINT, IINTX, IIF and IIG. All have been tested to work and will come with the startup print page containing number of pages printed.

  • IINT boards come with 2MB of on board RAM. 1396 to 142078 pages printed.
  • IINTX boards are available with 2 to 5MB of RAM. 7609 to 403163 pages printed.
  • IIf boards are available with 5 or 8MB of RAM. 23331 to 33005 pages printed.
  • IIg boards are available with 5 or 8MB of RAM. 2679 to 67497 pages printed.
  • Accelawriter board is a third party resident controller board by Xante with 8MB RAM and 28879 pages printed.

Lowest page numbers boards will ship first.

Please note that these boards, like the 68k Macs, have capacitors (IIf and IIg) that need to be replaced. All were working when tested. I have no means of testing again before shipping as I don’t have a LaserWriter II in stock anymore. Sold as-is, no warranty.