Apple Personal LaserWriter 320 Printer (LocalTalk)


Workhorse for your text and grayscale documents.

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Apple Personal LaserWriter 320, M2179. One of the smaller laser printers, it is approximately 15x16x7″. It’s serial port (RS-422) uses LocalTalk. Features 4 pages per minute, 300 dpi, 2MB RAM and PostScript fonts. There is no power switch, it uses energy conservation and remains on standby until it wakes up to print a document.

This printer looks nice! It looks identical to the one in the photos above except it does not have the Apple sticker on the front and is not missing the port cover (I’ll update the photos soon). It does come with toner, but remaining amount is unknown. Number of pages printed is around 7530. It was remanufactured by Apple and comes in that original box with half the original packing styrofoam.

With a USB adapter (not included) many of these laser printers can be used with many versions of OS X on more modern Macs.