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PowerBook G3 Series M4753 – Wallstreet.

This very nice PowerBook features a 233MHz PPC G3 processor, 160MB Memory, 512K Backside L2 cache, a 12.1″ passive matrix display, a 2GB hard drive running OS 9.2, and a 20x CD-ROM Drive. This model also has a Type II PC card slot, and 2 hot swappable 5.25 bays (a non functioning battery and CD drive currently fill them). Ports include power, sound in and out, ADB, Serial, Ethernet, SCSI, S-Video out, and VGA. Machine ID is 314. Supported are OS 8 to OS 10.2.8.

Included are the original power adapter, Orinoco wireless PC card and laptop bag.

There may be a couple of scuffs on the bottom, and an area on the outside of the display where a sticker was removed. Looks Nice and works great!