Apple Scanner and OneScanner


All Models A9M0337, M1381



All Power On. While finding the Scanner software was a challenge, all were tested and do work or partially work in Mac OS 9.1. They will be shipped with what software I was able to find on the internet. They were made for Macintosh starting in 1988.

GS/OS on the Apple IIGS does have drivers for the Apple Scanner and OneScanner scanners. I am not sure what software would utilize the scans.

*More scanners will be added to this page as they surface.

Apple Scanner A9M0337
Two of these in stock, and they will both scan a preview using ofoto. The full scan process never completes. The Mac OS may be too new for these.

1) Sold! 9520229 – Looks nice
2) 9480070 – Light discoloration on the top front

Apple OneScanner M1381
These were tested to scan into Photoshop.

3) Sold! TF30903DS01 – Looks nice and works – light overall discoloration
4) TF3100Y2S01 – Scuffs on case, rear part of lid is separating a little. Works
5) Sold! TF2220C2222 – Powers on. This was the first OneScanner as it uses the same case as the previous model. SCSI issue, unable to connect.

Standard power cable free by request – leave a note on the checkout page.

Available with and without SCSI cable and terminator. Select by number below.